Word Game


Word Game is a mobile word search puzzle game where the player must find all the words on the grid. Each letter on the grid contributes to one word and the player can select letters in any direction (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally). Find all the words on the board to win the game!

The full source code and Unity project files are available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

Get the full project source code!

Download the Demo APK.

Download the documentation.

Gameplay Video



  • IAP: In App Purchases for removing ads and purchasing hints. 
  • Ads: Unity Ads and AdMob functionality. 
  • Categories: 10 pre-built categories with ten levels each, for a total of 100 levels. 
  • Daily Puzzles: Comes with 100 daily puzzles – each day, a new random puzzle is chosen for the player to complete. 
  • Word Board Creator: An advanced algorithm that takes words you give it and generates the corresponding scrambled grid of letters. 
  • Save-game functionality ensures that the player never loses their progress! 
  • Hints: Allows the player to display one letter in one of the missing words. 
  • Refresh: The player can reset the level back to its starting state. 
  • Clean, formatted and commented code, which is easy to read and understand.
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