This asset is a complete game template of the classic crossword puzzle game. The Unity project comes with a crossword generator which makes creating crosswords quick and simple. The crossword generator comes with a dictionary of 70K+ English words and as you place words on the board it recommends others for blank spaces.

The full source code and Unity project files are available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

Get the full project source code!

Download the Demo APK.

Download the documentation.

Gameplay Video



  • Crossword Builder: Custom Unity Editor tool to create new crosswords with the assistance of scripts or have it randomly generate a full crossword. Comes with over 70000 English words and clues to make creating crosswords fast and easy. 
  • Includes 800 randomly generated crosswords spread across four packs: 9×9, 11×11, 13×13, and 15×15. 
  • AdMob and Unity Ads integration: Banner (AdMob) and Interstitial Ads. 
  • Unity IAP integration: Remove Ads and purchase crossword packs. 
  • Automatically saves active game state and loads it when app restarts. 
  • Clean, formatted, and commented code. 
  • Designed for Android and iOS
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